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North & South – Exhibiting Medieval Art from Norway and Catalonia

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The exhibition North & South. Medieval Art from Norway and Catalonia, 1100-1350 was on show in Utrecht (the Netherlands) and Vic (Catalonia) in 2019-2020.

The initiative to the project was taken at Bergen's University Museum, which possesses one of the best collections of medieval church art in Europe. Particularly outstanding are painted wooden altar decorations from the twelfth to the fourteenth century: altar frontals, enshrined Madonnas and a unique baldachin. Remarkably, the closest parallels are found in Catalonia, especially in the museums of Barcelona and Vic. The Norwegian-Catalan parallel had been observed repeatedly in the past, but North & South was the first occasion where medieval art works from both countries were shown together, side by side.

Professor Justin Kroesen, head of the Bergen kirkekunstsamling, will explain the backgrounds of the project and show some details of both editions in Utrecht and Vic. Another aspect that will be addressed is the unique value of Norway's museums for our understanding of European medieval art.

Welcome to Dyvekes vinkjeller this sunday evening!

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